2021 BMW 8 series Packages in Edmonton, AB

BMW 8 series Packages at Edmonton BMW

The 2021 BMW 8-Series is a gorgeous statement piece that strikes a desirable balance between design and style. Offered with three exquisite packages, which are sure to strike the perfect balance between luxury and functionality, the 8-Series shows off its individualistic characteristics. The three packages include Chrome Accent Package, Executive Package, and the BMW Individual Manufacturer Package.

Whether you're driving St Albert or For Saskatchewan, you are sure to find what you're looking for. Our new vehicle inventory is packed with great vehicles that will excite the senses.

Chrome Accent Package

The Chrome Accent Package will make your 2021 BMW 8-Series stand out even further by lining the exterior molding located around the window glass with rich chrome accents.

Executive Package

The executive package includes a world of luxury and technology ready to make your journey easier and more enjoyable. Included in the executive package are the ventilated front seats, which will move cool air into your back and bottom, making you grateful to have this feature, especially on those hot and humid days. The second included option is the Glass application "craftedclarity" for interior elements. Hand-crafted crystal glass elements on the gear selector, volume control, iDrive controller, and start/stop buttons enhance the interior visibly with world-class design elements and optimized BMW ergonomics. The final included option is the driving assistant professional. With driving assistant professional BMW has reached beyond the simplicity of voice commands and ventured into controlling the vehicle, taking the stress out of the everyday commute.

Individual Manufaktur Package

The BMW individual manufaktur package includes the Glass application "craftedclarity" for interior elements, M carbon exterior package, and BMW individual custom paint job for that unique look and style of your 2021 BMW 8-Series. Contact us for more information on the 2021 BMW 8-series.

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