Do BMWs Need Premium Gas?

Do BMWs Need Premium Gas?

While shopping through our new inventory of the latest BMW models at Edmonton BMW, you might have some questions about the type of fuel they use, maintenance intervals, and other helpful information to know during your BMW ownership. However, you should know that our friendly associates are eager to answer any questions, so be sure to stop by our showroom at your earliest convenience to explore and test drive our amazing selection of BMW models.



Difference Between Regular & Premium Gas


Regular gas has a lower octane rating, which makes it less desirable for higher-performing engines since it increases the risk of early detonation, causing internal engine damage. Although catastrophic engine damage is not as common with newer vehicles since they have advanced sensors to reduce risk, using lower-grade gas than recommended can cause carbon build-up that reduces performance, efficiency, and reliability. On the other hand, premium gas has a higher octane rating that meets and exceeds the recommended amount for most vehicles, giving you safer operation and cleaner burn to enjoy your BMW's performance and efficiency to its maximum.


Why You Should Fill Your BMW Only With Premium Gas


Although some BMW models might be able to run on regular gas, BMW recommends that all models must use premium gas to maintain optimal performance to enjoy a consistent driving experience. Also, premium fuel allows your BMW to achieve its maximum output from its engine, giving you the true BMW driving feel that makes the brand desirable. Don't ruin your ownership experience by using lower-grade gas since that will negatively affect your BMW and driving enjoyment.


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You are more than welcome to contact us anytime to speak to our experts from the Service Centre to learn more about your BMW and how to take good care of it to enjoy its premium driving experience for longer.

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