Lease Maturity: Excess Wear & Use in Edmonton, Alberta

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Understanding the Excess Wear & Use Protection Guidelines

The excess wear and use protection guidelines give details of what is considered acceptable or unacceptable. Anything unacceptable will be considered chargeable when the vehicle is returned. Here is a further breakdown of this policy:

The Exterior/Bumpers

When you take out a lease on your BMW, the guidelines consider light scratches or scuff to the exterior paint that is only 2- to 4-inches in diameter to be acceptable. Dent that is only 2- to 8-inches in length is acceptable but scratches greater than 4-inches or dents greater than 8 inches are considered unacceptable. Exterior parts that have not been repaired or replaced to manufacturer specifications, unrepaired collision damage, or severely damaged bumpers that have been scratched or bent are unacceptable.

Frame & Unibody

Any work that doesn't meet manufacturer specifications or repairs that fail to follow the manufacturer's recommended repair methods is unacceptable. These include damages that affect the frame's safety or the unibody (such as a buckled unibody, torn metals, or a warped radiator support bar) and any sheet metal damage.

Glass & Lamps

For the glass and lamps, acceptable wear and tear include surface chips, minor chips, or bullseye on a windshield approved by BMW. On the other hand, unacceptable wear is a windshield replacement of substandard, non-OEM glass. A windshield that doesn't have the BMW logo or has excessive scratches due to negligence or damages arising from a collision is unacceptable.

The Interior

The interior's acceptable wear-and-tear includes minor scuffs to the interior, seats, or soft trim or the vinyl leather, or any other part of the interior. Unacceptable damage would be missing equipment valued at over $200, non-removable stains (such as blood), or singed areas, or burn holes.

Wheels & Tires

The acceptable wear-and-tear on the wheels and tires would be no more than 4/32" of tread loss. Unacceptable conditions for the tires would be tires that have been retreaded, recapped, or returning the BMW with winter tires. Wheels that are bent, repainted, mismatched, or cracked are not allowed.


The mechanical and electrical equipment must be functioning as delivered, but some issues are unacceptable. These would include missing keys or manuals, vehicle warning lights coming on unnecessarily, non-functioning electrical equipment, and too many decals or stickers.

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