BMW Excess Wear and Use Protection

Excess Wear and Use Protection

The journey to purchasing a new vehicle is a process that takes time and resources. So it only makes sense to protect your investment. At Edmonton BMW, in partnership with BMW Financial Services, we are excited to offer BMW Protection Products to automotive consumers from St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Devon, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas of Alberta. Not only do we have great coverage products, but we also have a great inventory of new vehicles for your consideration. So what are you waiting for, book a test drive today.;

Added Protection Plan

BMW Financial Services have carefully brought together a suite of protection products better designed to address some of the most common, expensive and disruptive situations that occur today; in the end, BMW wants you to enjoy your vehicle. These specifically tailored products will help provide you security and value for your dollar making it extremely simple to protect yourself and those you love, especially your BMW.

Loan Protection

A part of the BMW Protection Plan Is Loan Protection, which is designed to protect you from some of life's unforeseen events. This particular plan is completely voluntary and protects your lease or loan commitments in the unfortunate case of you passing away, losing your job, and experiencing a critical illness or disability.

BMW Excess Wear and Use Protection

When you purchase a BMW, you know what to expect a beautifully engineered vehicle that pushes the envelope of design and luxury. At BMW, they want you to enjoy your vehicle to its full potential and not have to worry about any extra wear and tear issues. Although BMW Warranty is quite comprehensive, it does not cover some of these wear and tear items. It is designed to give you peace of mind and maximum protection; it covers any additional costs you may need to pay at the end of your lease. So don't worry, you are covered. ;

Features, Eligibility and Exclusions

The policy covers:

  • Minor dents and dings
  • Minor scratches
  • Chipped or cracked windshields
  • Missing parts valued at $200 or less
  • Premium is included with monthly payment, so there are no additional up-front costs

It can be applied to:

  • New Vehicle leases through BMW Financial Services
  • Vehicles with less than 15,000 km at inception


  • Loss or damage as a result of a single incident or accident, whereby such damage is over $1,000 and typically covered by a customer's automobile insurance policy.
  • Mechanical and Electrical breakdown is not covered (i.e.: Brakes).
  • Replacement parts that do not meet BMW specifications and quality
  • Poor body work, mismatched paint, or poor quality paint job from a previous repair.
  • Loss or damage covered by another service contract or warranty.
  • Contact us for more information.

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