Tips On How To Break-In And Setup Your Brand New BMW

Tips On How To Break-In And Setup Your Brand New BMW

Embarking on the journey with your brand-new BMW marks the beginning of a thrilling adventure on the roads of Edmonton. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you through the initial stages of breaking in and setting up your vehicle, ensuring both peak performance and an unmatched driving experience.


Getting to Know Your New Car

Tips On Breaking In And Setup Your Brand New BMW


Before you set off, invest time in understanding the nuances of your BMW. Familiarize yourself with essential features such as the turn signals, horn, and, more importantly, safety components like the hazard lights button, heated rear window control, safety vests, warning triangle, and first aid kit. Dive into the owner’s manual to discover the specifics of fluid refills—fuel, wiper fluid, engine oil, engine coolant, and possibly AdBlue. Know the recommended tire pressures, the locations of the spare wheel, the breakdown kit, and the vehicle toolkit. Understanding how the driver assistance systems function is crucial for your safety and comfort.


Seat Position and Other Adjustments

Comfortable seating is synonymous with safety. Adjust your seat to ensure your knees are slightly bent at the pedals, and you have a clear view of the road and instruments. An upright seat back, with your head close to the headrest and shoulders touching the backrest, ensures optimal posture. The distance between the steering wheel and your chest should be about 12 inches, allowing airbag deployment space. Your wrist should rest on the steering wheel’s top edge, with your shoulders against the backrest. Adjust the mirrors for a comprehensive view of your car, and don’t hesitate to refine these settings as you drive more.


From Sunglasses to Snow Chains: Essential Accessories

Ensure the inclusion of a warning triangle, first aid kit, and safety vests for all passengers in your car. Sunglasses and an ice scraper are indispensable for visibility. Consider adding snow chains for winter drives, jumper cables, a bottle of antifreeze, a shovel, a woollen blanket, and a thermos for emergency situations.


The Right Way to Break in a New Car

Modern technology might have evolved, but the principle of breaking in your car gently remains pertinent. Avoid high RPMs and speeds for the initial 1,300 kilometres. This period allows the engine and transmission to harmoniously adjust to one another. After 1,300 kilometres, you can incrementally introduce your BMW to higher speeds and RPMs. Note that new tires and brakes have specific break-in periods too, necessitating cautious driving during the initial phase.


Storing Your Documents Securely

After successfully navigating the break-in period and accessorizing your BMW, the final step involves securing your vehicle’s documents. Never keep the certificate of title or registration in the car; instead, store it in a secure place like a home safe or bank safety deposit box.


Edmonton BMW - Your Companion in Everything Automotive

Your new BMW is a statement of sophistication and a companion in your driving adventures. By meticulously following these tips by Edmonton BMW, you ensure a seamless transition to becoming a part of the BMW family, ready to explore the roads with confidence and style. Enjoy the journey ahead, knowing your BMW is perfectly tuned and equipped for the adventures that lie in store.


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