M Performance

M Performance Automobiles are a class of its own. Each M Performance model is specially modified to heighten the BMW experience with race-like performance and handling that obliterates expectations and heightens sensations. Everything from the engine, transmission, suspension, as well as the overall design are taken to another level. BMW already sets the standard for performance and design, so why not keep pushing the envelope?
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BMW Horsepower Horsepower (M Performance)
2 Series (230i Coupe) 248 @ 5,550 RPM 335 @ 5,500 RPM
3 Series (Gran Turismo) 320 @ 5,500 RPM 425 @ 5,500 RPM
X5 300 @ 5,800 RPM 567 @ 6,000 RPM
7 Series (750i xDrive) 445 @ 5,500 RPM 601 @ 5,500 RPM
M Performance is the perfect amalgamation of both athletic design and untapped power. Each M model is equipped with some of the most powerful and efficient engines BMW has ever built. With the capability of either the six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engines in the M Performance lineup, you'll be accelerating from 0-100km in less than four seconds-and that's not even the end of it. The M760Li model utilizes a V-12 engine that pushes an incredible 601 horsepower. The question you have to ask is if you think you're ready to handle such raw power.

Not only do M Performance vehicle contain strength underneath, but it exudes it through the exterior as well. Behold as it retains all of the sharp and recognizable BMW design conventions, while incorporating elegant and sporty accents. For example, the iconic kidney grille, breather side bar, and fibre front splitter all come in premium hand-crafted carbon fibre that compliments the BMW's quality build. You can also add decals that accentuate the BMW's athletic edges and showcase the M Performance colours with red and blue racing stripes.

M Performance parts are available for you to add onto your BMW vehicle. Make your BMW a unique piece of work, from the aerodynamics, suspension or even in the cockpit. BMW M Performance Parts not only deliver simple upgrades, but the crucial plus in motorsport feelings everywhere on the car.