If you are a proud owner of a BMW and have questions about the My BMW app, then we are here for you! The My BMW app is your one-stop solution for all your BMW-related needs. At Edmonton BMW, we strive to keep you informed about all your car's features. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the My BMW app.

What Do You Need to Be Able to Use the My BMW App?

You will need an iOS device with iOS 9.0 or later installed to use the My BMW app. Note that the app is designed for iPhone screens, so if you use an iPad, the app may not run in full-screen mode. The My BMW app will be available on Android devices in future versions.

How Does the My BMW App Work?

With the My BMW app, you can transfer destination addresses from your smartphone to your car's navigation system. You can also incorporate Amazon Alexa features. If you have an electric vehicle, the app can provide constant monitoring of the electric range.

Where Can You Find the Latest Version of the My BMW App?

You can download the most up-to-date version of the My BMW app on either iTunes or the App Store. Since there are various comparable apps in the BMW app collection, ensure you download the correct one. This should be titled "BMW Connected North America."

Can More Than One Individual Access the My BMW App?

Multiple devices can be used to access the same vehicle. If two individuals use the same ConnectedDrive account, the destinations displayed in the My BMW App will be identical across all devices. However, if each person logs in with their own account, the displayed destinations will be personalized to each account.

Which BMW Models are Compatible with the My BMW App?

Your vehicle must be a Model Year 2014 or newer Navigation-equipped BMW, except for the 2014 X6. You will need an active BMW Assist/ConnectedDrive subscription to use the app's features. Browse the new inventory at Edmonton BMW to find a vehicle that's compatible with the My BMW App.

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