BMW Assist Service

BMW Assist Service

BMW has created a suite of assistance services that are designed to help you in the event of an emergency. There are many situations that owners typically don't want to be in, such as an accident, locking your keys in the vehicle, and having your vehicle stolen. Fortunately, BMW Assist Services has a solution for you. If you are ever in an emergency as a result of an accident or medical situation, you can press the SOS button in your vehicle. By doing this, your vehicle's location and other pertinent data are transmitted to the BMW Assist Response Centre. You will then have the opportunity to speak with a response specialist who is able to dispatch a response, notify your emergency contacts, and contact BMW Roadside Assistance. BMWs remote door unlock system helps you access your vehicle without the use of a physical key. Simply call BMW Assist's toll-free number and provide your name and password, and the specialists will send a signal to your vehicle to unlock the driver's door. Next, if your vehicle is ever stolen, just fill out a police report and call the BMW Assist Response Centre, and they will activate your BMW Assist system to help authorities locate it and bring it back safely. Lastly, if you are even in a collision, your location is automatically sent to the BMW Assist Response Centre. A specialist will try to make voice contact, and if there is no response on your end, emergency services will be sent to your location.

At Edmonton BMW, we are excited to offer this fantastic suite of features to help provide you with peace of mind that is hard to find elsewhere. You can equip all the vehicles in our new inventory with BMW Assist Services. Now let's get to know it a bit better.

Does BMW Assist track the vehicle location?

No, It will only transmit the location of the vehicle once you request it, other than in the event of a collision where you are not responsive.

Will BMW Assist work when the vehicle is in a tunnel or in an isolated area?

The system is designed to work across Canada, and the U.S. However is limited to areas where there is cellular service.

What is the advantage of BMW Assist compared to a cellular phone?

A cellular phone is limited to its small battery capacity, while BMW Assist is powered by the 12-volt battery in your vehicle. The system also possesses five times more signal strength than a conventional cell phone.

How can I check the status of my subscription?

Log in to My BMW to check the status. Or contact an authorized BMW Retailer for more information.

How can I change my subscriber information?

Please call BMW Assist toll free number 1-800-493-4070.

Contact us if you want to learn more regarding this amazing suite of services.


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